Thursday, January 15, 2015

christmas 2014

as the boys get older, i find myself trying to be behind the camera less and more in the present. so, that should explain my lack of pictures. of note- this christmas at 3 1/2 years old- luke fully understands the concept of santa, and trying to be good for santa so that he can get the present he really really wants. i was surprised that he knew in november the present he really, really wanted. it was a batman robot ($70- i include this, so one day if i'm looking back, i can remember the price of such toys). and he talked about this batman robot for almost 2 months, and we took plenty of trips to target to check out this said robot. and because he was such a good boy- whaddya know? santa brought luke his batman robot. 

the boys joint favorite present was a slide. this little slide was $30 from target and is the best toy ever. the boys play on this thing all day long pretty much in our house. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

iphone pics december

december is nuts. end of story. 

we, picked out our tree
 drank hot chocolate with girlfriends
 watched girlfriends do the splits
 took pictures of friends
 decorated our tree
 played with the tree lights

 snuggled with the hound
 decorated the tree some more
 made funny faces

 stood in awe of the tree
 made more funny faces
 requested lots of cold milk in a fancy glass with a fancy straw

 played in the living room
 had our best friend over
 went on a train
 started going on the big boy toys by ourself

 admired our decorations

 got the cutest marquee light from target
 touched our tree during nap time
 went on adventures in the forest

 ogled our tree a bit more

 had a camp out/picnic by the fire
 celebrated the solstice in bellingham sans kids
 took an awkward pic with daniel
 enjoyed a campfire in the rain
 ate too many cookies with maren
 snuggled in on mama's bed for cartoons
 became obsessed with these babies
 spent christmas eve with oma
 opened presents from oma and opa
 hung out with opa and great grand milton (95 years old!!)
 hung with our grammie and oma
 made our first prime rib

 sat at the little kids table like big kids
 walked through the forest christmas day
 took naps in the stroller
 went to the mountains

 read books with brother
 took selfies in the snow

 went sledding
 hung out on the chair lift

 drank coffee on the back porch in the snow
 hugged in snowsuits
 made a snow lover outta this one

 tried out our new tube
 went for snowy walks
 went sledding with brother

 drank bloody marys and watch football

 took pics with our lady
 made gingerbread houses
 put up christmas lights
got put in time out 
 admired our tree and all her lights
 made our own snow globes

 read books about jesus
 snuggled with the hound some more
 snuggled with the brother some more
 practiced our smile
 waited for santa
 met santa
 lost our minds with santa

 had coffee with grammie post santa